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SharePoint 2016 Timeout trying to create a service application

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So you try to create a service application in SharePoint and oddly, you get a ‘timeout’ error. There’s not much explanation provided so like most, you’ll try to delete the service and recreate it but there’s a good chance you’ll get another timeout.

The problem is simple – the SharePoint Timer service is not running on one of the servers. Check every server and find the culprit. Once you do and start the service, return to Central Admin and delete the service that had the problem (be sure to delete any data associated as well).

If needed, you can do this via the SharePoint Management Shell (aka PowerShell) using:

$spapp = Get-SPServiceApplication -Name "<app name>"

Then to remove the service and data:

Remove-SPServiceApplication $spapp -RemoveData

Then to remove just the service:

Remove-SPServiceApplication $spapp

Before attempting to recreate the service, double check SQL Server to make sure the database is actually gone.

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