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On a new SP2016 installation, you will likely see this error in the Health Analyzer:

The Net.Pipe Listener Adapter isn’t availabile.

Note, the misspelling of “Available” is how it appears in the message; guess no one checked it.

This seems to be a recurring problem with 16 in that services don’t start up even though they are set to ‘automatic’ (the Timer Service seems this way as well).

First, verify that all of your managed accounts have been added and the service accounts assigned accordingly (i.e. Central Administration > Security then under General SecurityConfigure managed accounts (to add) and Configure service accounts (to assign)).

Next (a good idea anyway), make sure your database permissions are correct – app pool accounts assigned as WSS_Content_Application_Pools, Farm account has at least SPDataAccess (or DBO if you’re not that concerned about it – such as an intranet), etc.

Next, in the Health Analyzer, try to use ‘Repair automatically’ and see if that fixes it (it probably won’t).

If still an issue, you’ll need to check the service on every server in the farm (not SQL obviously). Using Administrative Tools > Services (or Run > services.msc) and check the service:


As you can see by the above, it is set to Automatic but isn’t running. Simply start it (on all servers).

NOTE: If you do NOT see the service, you have to install it (on any server where it is not found) – this can be done from here: 


However, I’ve found that is not enough in most cases – as you can see there are two other services (Net.Tcp) that are also set to Automatic but not running:


Start the Net.Tcp Listerner Adapter service which will also start the Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service.

Return to the Health Analyzer and click Reanalyze Now and the problem should go away.

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