The Beginning of a New Era: Azox and kCentric Have Merged and Will Operate as k-eCommerce Moving Forward

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In September 2004, Azox opened its doors for business. Over the following nine years, Azox grew to become a recognized leader in providing ecommerce solutions for the Microsoft Dynamics market. Solutions provided by the business include fully integrated web stores, payment processing and online bill pay. Azox has worked with businesses in many industries all around the globe through the years to develop a strong reputation for exceeding each customer’s e-commerce needs while providing impeccable support and services. This gave Microsoft Dynamics partners no hesitation when it came to which company to recommend for e-commerce and e-payment solutions.

Now it is November 2013 and Azox is moving forward on a new venture; Azox, Inc. and kCentric Technologies, Inc. have merged and will now operate under the name k-eCommerce.

kCentric entered the market in 2001 with compatibilities across multiple ERPs and has grown into a company that now develops integrated ecommerce solutions for Microsoft Dynamics and SAP delivered on-premise or in the cloud. Multilingual has always been a focus in order to help businesses grow globally. With that said, the k-eCommerce solution has been deployed in more than 10 countries across the world and operates in multiple languages and currencies, making this platform easily adaptable for businesses worldwide. Further, k-eCommerce was the first to offer their solution to Dynamics customers in the cloud. This not only offers customers a fast and easy deployment, but alleviates the burden of IT on companies. Aside from the product, the team at k-eCommerce has also put strong emphasis on support and services in order to provide customers with an e-commerce solution that exceeds their needs. The company views themselves as a family and now with the addition of a U.S. office, the family has grown.

With shared visions, the collaboration between Azox and kCentric just makes sense. Now one organization, k-eCommerce, can move forward as the go-to for integrated ecommerce solution in the Microsoft Dynamics market. Not only does this collaboration offer a topnotch omni-channel e-commerce platform, but with locations in the United States and Canada, k-eCommerce offers a strong support base for customers. k-eCommerce integrates with multiple ERPs as well and boasts fast, easy deployments.

This new venture brings a synergy that will propel Microsoft Dynamics customers to new heights. Moving forward, the name k-eCommerce not only represents a brand, but also a continued dedication to the development of innovative e-commerce and e-payment solutions, a passion kCentric Technologies, Inc. and Azox, Inc. have demonstrated through the years.

The same teams from both companies will move forward on this venture and will continue to provide customers with the best e-commerce solution possible. Read the full press release here and feel free to contact k-eCommerce with any questions.

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