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CRM Software Blog White Paper Proves Wildly Successful With Highest Download Rate in Blog History

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The CRM Software Blog revealed today that its latest white paper on Microsoft Dynamics CRM has become the most popular and well-received by its readers. The white paper, “24 Wildly Creative Ways Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Drive Revenue and Serve Customers“, has been downloaded more than 1,500 times since it was released on May 27, 2012. This represents an impressive 21% view to download ratio, nearly five times more than other white papers offered on the popular blog site.

So, what is so amazing about this white paper? For starters, it is not completely “white”. Rather than the typical bland approach to technology and business that white papers usually take, this white paper entices the imagination while also delivering the facts in a fun upbeat way.

John Kolakowski from Microsoft Partner  Green Beacon  said that the white paper “looks great and reads well”. He went on to say, “I particularly like the way that the tone is more ‘friendly’ and engaging than typical white papers. Considering the primary user audience is made up of marketing and sales professionals, this approach makes sense.”

Kristin Fleek, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft said, “It’s amazing to see the creative ways that customers are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage different processes within their business, outside of “traditional” CRM uses. This paper captures the innovation we’ve seen and will inspire companies who are looking for a solution that helps them manage the CRM basics while providing flexibility to build out new scenarios.”

As a business owner Jeff Baumgart of Baumgart Creative Media commented, “This white paper helped me really picture the different ways that CRM software could help my business as it grows.”

Laura Robinson, CRM Solution Specialist at Microsoft told the CRM Software Blog editors, “I love this white paper!  It really demonstrates all the creative ways that customers are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help solve business problems.  It’s a fun, inspiring read.”

George Mackiewicz, owner of CAL Business Solutions, a Connecticut based Microsoft Dynamics GP partner is using this white paper to educate his clients. He reported, “Some companies still look at CRM software as just a glorified rolodex. The 24 examples in this white paper, from real companies, show how CRM software, especially when integrated with ERP software, can make a real impact on the productivity of your entire business.”

This white paper is upbeat and easy to read, helping companies learn innovative ways to make CRM software effective and profitable for their businesses. For companies that want to understand and document the value of CRM software and also find wildly creative ways to maximize the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this white paper is a true gem. Download it for yourself and find out what all of the buzz is about!

The white paper 24 Wildly Creative Ways Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics® CRM to Drive Revenue and Serve Customers can be downloaded at as both a PDF and audio MP3 file.

Also download the related infographic, 12 Great Reasons Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM at

Read the original white paper press release:  CRM Software Blog Releases New White Paper Highlighting 24 Wildly Creative Ways Real Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics® CRM

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